Transcultural Nursing Models and Theories by Madeleine Leininger


N. V. Turkina Reaviz University, Saint Petersburg

There are several theories of nursing in the world. One of them is transcultural. The disease changes a person and changes itself a little under the influence of physiology and even patient’s personality characteristics. Features of the patient’s thinking are determined by his cultural values, beliefs, habits, superstitions, lifestyle of an individual or group. The nurse must take into account and understand these features in her work, this will make her work more effective, and the patient’s recovery will be faster and more comfortable. The development of various theories of nursing should be viewed from a historical perspective. Obviously, they were influenced by social and economic problems that were most relevant during the creation of each particular theory. In addition, they directly reflected the scientific views and directions that prevailed at the time of the creation of a particular theory. Today’s readers should take this into account, but at the same time also be aware that in the future this or that theory can get further development.

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nursing education
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