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Pharmaceutical technical schools’ graduates’ employment: trends and prospects

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2021-07-03

D.S. Gritsanenko, Yu.G. Ilyinova, D.S. Lisitsky, I.A. Kochanova, E.L. Rudenko Saint-Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University, Russian Health Ministry

Graduates of educational organizations of professional education have the greatest potential to cover the staffing needs of employers in the pharmaceutical market. According to the statistical report of the publicly available system for online monitoring of the Russian labor market - the HeadHunter Index in St. Petersburg for 2020, the largest number of resumes (16%) are placed by students and job seekers without work experience, that is, starting their careers. This suggests that practitioners of related specialties (medicine, chemistry, engineering) underestimated the possibilities of professional development in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies by obtaining a second professional education - pharmaceutical education (on an accelerated individual trajectory). The article presents current models of personnel training for the industry, describes the practical experience of St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University in this direction.

personnel training
specialists with secondary education
pharmaceutical college
students of the Pharmaceutical Technical School

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