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Communicative competence of a nurse

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2023-02-04

S.L Solovyova
I.I. Mechnikov North-West State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. I.I. Mechnikov MH RF, St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya str. 41,
tel. (812) 303 5000

The article shows the importance of communication skills, or communicative competence in the professional activity of a nurse. Communicative competence includes informative components, emotional components and social perception. Social perception is provided by such psychological mechanisms as identification, empathy and reflexion. Professional communication breaks down under the influence of emotional stress, leading to the formation of “emotional burnout syndrome” in a nurse. The negative role of a nurse’s perfectionism and other psychological characteristics in the occurrence of chronic emotional overload is shown. Mental self-regulation, cheerfulness and optimism as well as a wide “role repertoire”, flexibility and plasticity of a nurse’s behavior serve as a preventive measure of professional stress. It has been shown that a condition for the effectiveness of a nurse’s professional activity is her own psychological comfort and positive emotional attitude.

communicative competence
emotional burnout

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