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The role of medical training of personnel in the prevention of mental and behavioral disorders

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2023-02-07

A.V. Nosov(1), V.P. Kutsenko(2)
1-FGBUN IT FMBA of Russia, St. Petersburg, Bekhtereva str., 1
2-St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia of the Russian Federation, 194100, St. Petersburg, st. Lithuanian, d.2 Email: [email protected]

Proper organization of personnel training on medical protection against potentially hazardous production factors is a prerequisite for reducing the psychological burden on staff, prevention of mental disorders and behavioral disorders. The presented data allow us to conclude that a necessary component of the professional training of personnel, which makes it possible to effectively resist increased neuropsychiatric stress and related maladaptation disorders, is properly organized medical training of personnel, in particular, on protection against potentially hazardous production factors. The consequence of this approach is the preservation of the mental health of the staff and the associated potential reliability of the activity.

psychological stress on staff
prevention of mental disorders
behavior disorders.

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