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Differences in the duties of nurses in dental clinics in different

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2023-03-09

G.S. Brudyan(1), V.D. Mikhailov(2)
1-State Autonomous Health Institution of the Moscow Region, «Voskresensk Dental Polyclinic» 140209, Moscow Region, Voskresensk, ul. Zapadnaya, 14, [email protected]
-2- Leningrad Regional Hospital

Nurses are an essential part of dental practice, but their role can vary greatly from country to country. This article describes the peculiarities of the work of nurses in dental clinics in different countries and provides examples illustrating the differences in their responsibilities. These differences are related to the specifics of local health systems and the needs of patients. Understanding them should facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge among health professionals internationally.

dental clinic
international experience.

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