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Occupational burnout of medical and pharmaceutical professionals: challenges and solutions

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2023-03-11

O.D. Nemyatykh, I.I. Basakina
Saint-Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University,14, Prof. Popov Str., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197376

Approaches to the implementation for preventive measures of syndrome occupational burnout prevent and correct of medical and pharmaceutical workers are presented. The article outlines the role of additional advanced training programs to ensure high-quality labor process. The importance of effective communications, motivational management and conflict management ensuring positive format of interpersonal relations has been established. It reduces the risk of erroneous decisions in the process of labor activity. Key aspects of goal setting and team formation processes as means of emotional burnout prevention are considered. The importance of introducing organizational diagnostics mechanisms, corrective trainings and post-training support, which allow an employee to form skills in self-regulation, managing his own psycho-emotional state, as well as the use of copying strategies as a way to work with stress, is presented

occupational burnout
medical professionals
pharmaceutical professionals.

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