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Professional difficulties of a nursing worker in the department of obstetrics and gynecology

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2024-02-03

N.V. Buzovskaya(1), L.A. Pototskaya(2)
1-Clinic of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Tver State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia
2-Tver State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

With the continuous improvement of living standards, most patients have increasingly high demands on the quality of health care services. As for nursing, the high-quality nursing care model has gradually replaced the traditional nursing model and has been recognized by many patients. Throughout the entire period of the formation of medicine, all kinds of measures have been taken to improve the provision of therapeutic and preventive care to pregnant women, women in labor, women in childbirth, newborns and gynecological patients, since this type of care has certain specifics, differing from general medical practice. One of the possible tools to improve the quality of work of nursing professionals is to study the problems of the work process and timely elimination of difficulties faced by midwives and nurses in the course of their professional activities.

obstetrics and gynecology
professional difficulties of medical personnel.

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