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The issues of safety providing in giving medical help

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25879979-2020-05-07
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V.V. Shkarin, V.V. Ivasheva, О.S. Еmel’anova, S.V. Simakov, V.V. Skvortsov, G.I. Malyakin Volgograd State Medical University, Russian Health Ministry

Patient’s safety as a part of medical help providing process is one of the mainest aspects in modern medicine. Reducing the risk of adverse events, related with its providing is one of the most important problems not only in Russia, but worldwide. The formation of a safety culture at the level of a medical institution should involve the integration of all participants of medical help providing process. And the nursing staff plays significant role in these processes. The purpose of this work was assessing specialists’ with secondary medical education attitude to the problem of ensuring safety in the medical help providing process, the main factors, that cause these adverse incidents, and the ways staff behaves in the situations, when these incidents occur (according to the original developed questionnaire). The survey showed that nurses do not fully understand the severity of the problem of patient safety and their important role in reducing risks in medical care providing. The main reasons of errors were identified, as well as factors that prevent the nurses freely admitting and discussing their mistakes in the professional environment, forming ineffective behavior model. There is also a low awareness level of experience (including international), in preventing risks in medical care providing. The results of the study allowed us to formulate negative factors that hold back the formation of a safety culture at the level of medical institutions, and to make recommendations for optimizing educational programs for nurses

patient safety
medical organization
secondary medical personnel
nurses training
nursing education

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