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Правила для авторов

1. Review articles and original research are accepted for publication. Before the text of the article are indicated: surname, initials of all authors and academic degree (Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor; Candidate of Medical Sciences); title of the work; name and address of the institution where it was performed, ORCID iD. You also need to specify the author's E-mail and contact phone number. The publication of the results of scientific research of graduate students is carried out free of charge.

2. The article must be accompanied by an official referral from the institution where it was executed, and, if necessary, an expert opinion. The article should be accompanied by a review (no more than 3 pages), preferably from another university.

3. Works published in other publications or sent to other journals may not be sent to the editorial office.

4. The article must be signed by all authors.

5. The article and accompanying documents (the direction, the sheet with the signatures of the authors) are sent by the head of the editorial office to the email address: [email protected]

6. The article should be printed in Times New Roman font, font size 14, with double line spacing, margins on the right and left 2.5 cm wide.

7. Both the review and the original article should contain the results of their own research, the volume of review articles should not exceed 15 pages (including illustrations, tables and references – up to 20 sources), original research – 10 pages (including references – up to 10 sources).

8. In addition to the generally accepted abbreviations of units of measurement (in the SI system) and terms, abbreviations of phrases that are often repeated in the text are allowed. All letter designations and abbreviations entered by the author must be deciphered at their first mention.

9. A summary with keywords in Russian is mandatory for all articles and should familiarize (briefly – 100-250 words) with the main provisions of the article. It is necessary to specify from 7 to 15 keywords that contribute to the indexing of the article in search engines. To select keywords in English, use the thesaurus of the US National Library of Medicine – Medical Subject Headers (MeSH): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh

10. Bibliographic references (sources of literature) in the text of the article are given in square brackets in the order of mention.

11. If the articles are accompanied by tables and figures, references to them in the text are mandatory. Captions are required for all figures, and headings are required for tables. The data of tables and figures should correspond to those given in the text with an additional (if necessary) explanation of them, but without duplicating these data again. In the tables and figures, the units of measurement are given in Russian. If the drawings are photographs, the electronic version should be made in TIF, JPG format with a resolution of 300 dpi.

12. The list of references is given in the order of mention. If the journal is cited, the names of the authors are given, then the title of the article, the name of the source, the year of issue, volume and issue number, pages. For example: ➢Perepech N.B., Mikhailova I.E. Modern beta-blockers: a range of properties and justification of preferences. Heart. 2004; 3: 130–6. ➢ Abbott K., Trespalacios F., Agodoa L. et al. Beta-Blocker use in long-term dialysis patients: association with hospitalized heart failure and mortality. Arch. Intern. Med. 2004; 164: 2465–71. If a book is cited, indicate the author, the title of the book, the city, the publisher, the year of issue and the number of pages. For example: Shevchenko O.P., Mishnev O.D., Shevchenko A.O. et al. Ischemic heart disease. M.: Reafarm; 2005: 236-55. When referring to the materials reported at the conference (congress), in addition to the title of the abstracts, indicate where and when the event was held.

13. Self-citation should be avoided, except when it seems necessary (for example, if there are no other sources of information, or this work is based on or in continuation of the cited studies). Self-citation should preferably be limited to 1-3 links.

14. Information about the conflict of interests. Authors should disclose potential and obvious conflicts of interest related to the manuscript. A conflict of interest can be considered any situation (financial relations, service or work in institutions with a financial or political interest in published materials, job responsibilities, etc.) that can affect the author of the manuscript and lead to concealment, distortion of data, or change their interpretation. The presence of a conflict of interest among one or more authors is not a reason for refusing to publish an article. The concealment of potential and obvious conflicts of interest on the part of the authors revealed by the editorial board may cause refusal to review and publish the manuscript.

15. Sponsorship information. It is necessary to indicate the source of funding for both scientific work and the publication process of the article (foundation, commercial or state organization, private person, etc.). It is not required to specify the amount of funding.

16. Articles accepted for publication go through the stage of scientific editing. The editorial board reserves the right to shorten articles. If these rules are violated, the articles will be returned without consideration.